Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Canadian Writer's Guide - Cover

These are a series of covers I submitted for the new Canadian Writer's Guide for Nelson Education Ltd. Three submissions were requested.

1) Retro style based on graphical shapes. I tried my best to channel Paul Rand and Saul Bass, with limited success. Still, I like the palette and will use it again.

2) Photographic style based on the idea of young people traveling. I used Flickr as my photo research to capture a candid/now feel. Plus it always feels gratifying to give amateurs a bit of extra cash to help in their hobby.

3) My own interpretation of the content. For this I took my cue from the Table of Contents provided with the creative brief. To me it resembled a street listing so I decided on using a map on the cover. Going with what may be the most familiar cartographic language to you people, Google Maps, I put this together, using the chapter titles as street names.

I was well satisfied when the decision-makers in this process picked submission #3. ^_^

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